David Clark

Master student in CS. Currently Software Engineer at Nvidia.

Eric Fadel

PhD student in Materials Science. Quantum Monte Carlo and quantum chemistry of electrolyte stability

Ian Leifer

Undergraduate researcher in mathematical theory of ionic transport

Jackson Weaver

Undergraduate researcher in thermoelectric transport. Currently graduate student at Cambridge Univ.

Xiao Yi

Undergraduate researcher in data computational provenance. Currently grad student in Hong Kong. 

Nakib Protik

Postdoctoral researcher in electron-phonon transport. Currently at ICN2 in Barcelona.

Natalya Fedorova

Postdoctoral researcher in thermoelectric transport methods. Currently in U Lichtenstein

Nico Christianson

Undergraduate researcher working on ionic transport . Currently a PhD student in Applied Physics at Caltech.

Tianyi Chen

Undergraduate researcher in data provenance. Currently CS PhD student at Boston University.

Robert Newman

Undergraduate researcher in machine learning methods.

Steven Torrisi

PhD student in machine learning for materials science. Currently scientist at Toyota Research Institute.

Lixin Sun

Postdoc in machine learning collective variables. Currently scientist at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

Andrea Cepellotti

Postdoc in thermal and electronic transport. Currently software engineer at Microsoft Quantum.

Jin Soo (David) Lim

PhD student in computational catalysis. Currently postdoc at UCLA.

Yucong (Mark) Miao

PhD student in shape memory alloy. Currently integration engineer at Intel.

Jonathan Vandermause

PhD student in machine learning force field methods. Currently postdoc at D. E. Shaw Research.

Nicola Molinari

Postdoc in ionic transport and energy storage. Currently research engineer at Bosch USA.

Simon Batzner

PhD student in Applied Mathematics at Harvard. Currently research scientist at Google Brain.

Jenny Coulter

PhD student in Applied Physics at Harvard. Currently research fellow at Flatiron Institute Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ).

PhD student in Applied Physics at Harvard. Currently research scientist at Microsoft AI4Science in Berlin.

Albert Zhu

Albert Zhu was an undergraduate researcher who worked on accessing uncertainties in deep learning potentials.